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Comparison Between Underdog Log Vape and E-nano

Side-by-side comparison of two popular logs

  1. 8man
    Although the nano is mostly unchanged, I feel like the underdog has gone through enough changes since the comparison to warrant a reconsideration. Nonetheless, this is still full of useful info. Thank you!
  2. dynospec
    Thorough review that convinces me the E-nano is going to be the log vape for me, as I can tell from the review I have similar preferences to the reviewer. I also agree that in my opinion a vape that is over 250$+ should be ready to go out of the box.
  3. bobknocker
    reviews and comparisons are only opinions but as opinions go this great, i'm swinging towards an e-nano now. where it was looking more like the underdog before. only problem is i live in the UK and they are both quite hard to get
  4. Vaping_Casual
    I rarely see those who own both logs give such an in depth comparison and review. It was very helpful to hear both sides of the story from someone who owns both!

    This is probably the best log vape comparison I have come by so far!
  5. ataxian
    I have used a NANO for a while now.
    It works fine. I break glass like nobodies business!
    The NonG's from UD are pretty awesome!
    If EPIC offered a NonG no one could even come close.

    Attachments are lame in general.
    UD has better attachments.
    I like my Heater on the NANO so I'll live with the lack of NonG until I have one made.
  6. Bravesst
    Fantastic review on two great vapes. I have a nano, and agree completely with every detail. I was think UD, but after reading this, I'll hold off. Thanks for taking the time to write this, great job.
  7. Snappo
    Although my compare/contrast assessment based on considerable experience & time spent enjoying both the E-Nano and Underdog (older & newer heating cores) differs greatly in almost every regard to the experience of this reviewer (e.g. heat-up time, technique, vapor production, perception of build quality, etc.), I sincerely appreciate his thoughtful generous first effort in bringing this contribution to the FC community. With more time given to this reviewer's exploration, experience, and reflection, I look forward to follow-up updates, that should, I would expect, evolve to eradicate many of the disparate differences he personally found, ultimately sharpening subjective impressions to more objective assessments. This is how it usually happens when building on experience and keeping an open mind and enthusiasm for learning.

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