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Aug 25, 2015
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I love my Flux deluxe, anywhere, anytime. Oct 2, 2019

    1. vapognak
      I love my Flux deluxe, anywhere, anytime.
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    Home Page:
    My Vapes and Accessories:
    7th Floor SSV (February 2013)
    Alfa Goboof (oct 2015)
    Venus Apollo (apr 2016)
    HopperLabs Ti Grasshopper (june 2016)
    Dynavap The M 2018 VapCap (june 2018)
    Sticky Brick Jr (august 2018)
    Dynavap XL Omni Ti (sept 2018)
    Flux Deluxe 15mm (august 2019)
    Dynavap M Shadow w/ XL condenser & spinning wood mouthpiece (august 2019)
    Hula stem (oct 2019)
    S&B Mighty (oct 2019)
    Vapman (oct 2019)
    StickyBrick Maxx (dec 2019)

    Santa Cruz Shredder 3 pieces
    Spacecase grinder 2 pieces
    Brilliant Cut Grinder medium plate
    Love vaping more than I should.

    Love all about it, but I have changed my mind about power, since my VAS has made me reconsider things :

    - First I was believing exclusively in vaping through big desktop unit. Liked the Volcano a lot, as well as the Arizer Extreme Q, but I am mainly in true love with the 7th Floor Silver Surfer since 2013. My silver SSV will always stay in my life, my first real friend that helped me to say NO MORE SMOKE, fuck combustion. I still like to use it, love to stir in the bowl, my unit is my precious ;

    - Since I was, at a time, in 2014/2015, unable to use correctly butane powered device (the only one I knew was the Vaporgenie and I failed to learn how to use it properly), I've tried battery powered device. Grasshopper was there (I was on the waiting list for a looong time, for a unit I rarely use anymore), Pax did not convince me, neither than DaVinci (it was not the IQ but Ascent and OG back then) nor the Solo (too tight airflow imo)... I bought the Alfa Goboof as my first portable, it was ok, but I was still searching. I was looking to Boundless... But since I was in 18650 batteries for ecig devices (thank god I don't use any of those nicotine devices anymore), I've preferred to tried the Focus, and hesitate to buy the Firewood 3... And then I was in contact with Apollo, through FC. I had this second crush with a vaping object : Venus Apollo and his heating bulb is magical. Still like it a lot, even if I had to make some arrangements (ie tuning inside the chamber ; creating hand-safe support around the chamber ; change the tube in longer, bent mouthpiece...) ;

    - In 2018, I've entered the perfect world of butane powered device, VapCap was the gateway and the StickyBrick soon have followed. Can't live without them now. My favorite of all time will stay the StickyBrick Jr., I've changed a bit the mouthpiece, love also The Runt, I enjoy so much to stir between draw, and beautiful vapor clouds are delicious and as potent as any desktop unit will produce. And when outside: Vapcap, anywhere, anytime, even if you are outside for only 30 seconds, you can easily sneak a toke. And no problem from defective or discharged grasshopper...

    The history will tell if it means I will stay on mainly butane powered (spoiler alert : it will, because StickyBrick) or if the great MrC will make me switch to Vapcap but with 18650's battery power... What a good time to be alive :D

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