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Feb 8, 2009
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  1. sve
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    -Vape In Good Health-

    Desktop: Heat Island (Cocobolo) | Heat Island (Lignum Vitae) | Purple Days (Cherry) | EpicVape EV-2 (Walnut) | 7th Floor LSV (Silver)
    VaporWarez Box Vape
    Portable: Solo M107 (Silver) | Hammer | Lotus (Natural Cap) | O.PenVape (Black)
    Glass: Mobius Ion Matrix | EFS Double-Gridded Donut | Pinnacle Water Tube (2x) | Ehle 250ml | Black Leaf J-Hook
    Gear: Santa Cruz Shredder Medium 4-Piece (Glossy Green) | Santa Cruz Shredder Large 2-Piece (Matte Silver) | SharpStone 4-Piece (Blue) | Voltage Keeper,

    MyWeigh Triton T3 | C-Vault (Medium & Small) | Jayrz (Blue, Black, Purple, White) | Zico T38 | Vector Volt

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