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Jan 23, 2018
Mar 20, 2015
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SoCal / NorCal


Active Member, Male, from SoCal / NorCal

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Jan 23, 2018
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    SoCal / NorCal
    My Vapes and Accessories:
    VapeXhale cloud evo x 2

    Swagger glass : king size fanatic LE, double, showercap x 2, barrel
    Vxl : Hydrabomb x 2, Turbine x 2, hydrabase bomb edition, devastator (bubbler)
    SSFG Hydraline
    Grav labs Hydra tree
    Hi-Si Glass geyser hex stemless bubbler
    FC-711,FC-1000,FC-straightfab 18mm, FC-straightfab 14mm
    Pulse Glass 18mm Gridded Tongue
    Slurm Snobbrleton 14mm incycler
    Pinnacle DLX 2.0 showerhead hydrotube

    Storz and Bickel the Crafty, the Mighty. muzz mod, easy flow glass mouthpiece.

    full set of gong adapters with whips,hydrafeet, helix 14mm premix chamber, helix 18mm premix chamber, incredibowl 14mm redibowl with trigger, blaze glass jet flash 18mm spinner x 2, nailbuddy, vxnails Quartz, Santa Cruz shredder lg 2pc, lg 3pc, sm 3pc, Compton grinders 2.5 4pc with vault, Phoenician grinders lg 4pc, SLX 2.0 lg 4pc, Storz and Bickel loading capsules/cartridges, Pelican 1150, Pelican 1450

    nearly all of the above was systematically destroyed by law enforcement officers on 5/25/16. all glass pieces above were smashed down to no larger than "nickel size" shards. much reduced to actual boro dust.

    survivors : single Vxl unit single Quartz vapexnail and the firefly 2 (pos)

    RIP namely swagger fanatic tube, my apologies to the community for this loss.

    crafty has been replaced, plenty vaporizer with reducer and capsules.

    symbiartic chandelier hydratube (I'm back bitch)
    Vxl turbine
    Swagger sidetree
    Pulse glass (California) Barrel Bubbler
    +1 VapeXhale cloud evo backup
    firefly 2 ? boooooooo hissssss

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