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  1. Daprezz
    Daprezz Stu
    Hi the dreamwood glow doesn't appear in the list of portable vapes last active threads. I put a message in the thread and a mod said it's ok now but I still don't see it. Thanks
    1. Stu
      You are probably looking at "recent posts" which don't show any posts that you've already read. If you click the portable vaporizer section, you will see that it is indeed showing there.
      Mar 17, 2019
    2. Daprezz
      Well didn't find it that's a mystery nevermind.
      Mar 17, 2019
  2. WildChild
    WildChild Pipes
    Are you there, Pipes? I WANT a Portside Mini! lol
  3. macbill
    I live in the Measles Capital of the US
  4. vaporbrothers
    Fuck combustion patients have a new coupon code. Please enter fc at checkout for 15% off entire order. No limit. Thanks for your support.
  5. macbill
    10 yrs on FC Mar 8th, 2019.
    1. f2j likes this.
  6. WildChild
    WildChild Pipes
    Greetings, @Pipes

    I'll be looking into purchasing an Omni XL vapcap next month and was also hoping to purchase on of your induction heaters.

    Like you, I live in Ontario. Might you be able to tell me the pricing on your models including shipping? I believe I'm more interested in the battery model...is that the Port Side Mini?

    Thank you in advance for your time.

  7. macbill
    Only 5 more months of rain!
  8. Creeper
    Creeper Stu
  9. KidFated.
    Rock me to sleep.
  10. macbill
    Travel Day
  11. macbill
    Last rain-free, warm day for a long time.
  12. macbill
    3 more nights, then rain for 4-5 months. I weep.
  13. macbill
    Well,it's cryin' time again, I'm gonna leave here. I can hear that far-away sound in my sighs...
  14. macbill
    A-Week-Away, A-Week-Away, A-Week-Away, A-Week-Away, A-Week-Away, A-Week-Away, A-Week-Away, A-Week-Away,
  15. macbill
    Flying home the 25th. Sadness ensues.
  16. DJ Colonel Corn
    DJ Colonel Corn Hashassin
    heh been 3 more years my friend !
    and we're still doin it aw yeah
  17. DJ Colonel Corn
  18. faksakes
    faksakes herbalizerrepair
    Hey man, can you give me any info on the herbie screens? what size are they actually? Can I buy replacement screens from some other source? If you have them, how much do you charge?
  19. macbill
    Get off my lanai.....
  20. Ramahs
    I disagree, but you have a right to your opinion. lol
  21. hektik8625
    Peace, love and happiness
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  22. bcleez
    bcleez Lo
    You still alive? I found myself back in venice. Got a card though :)
  23. FractaLSD
    My first Fuckbook post. Was trying for a while to get a nice banger for a 20mm enail coil, and nothing fits perfectly. I need clips lol
  24. Chandler
  25. JiggyJack
    JiggyJack Stu
    1. Stu
      @JiggyJack go ahead and make a thread about it if you like in the upcoming and unreleased section. I can move it to the e-cig based portables once it's created.
      Dec 28, 2018

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