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  1. Pipes
    Please use PM system for IH enquiries. Thank you.
  2. CalyxSmokr
    CalyxSmokr Pipes
    I am interested in a portable induction heaster. Let me know the cost etc. whhen you get a chance. thx
  3. NewVape710
    NewVape710 Stu
    Hello Stu, Long time no speak. Is there any way to have a post that allows voting on product enhancements?
  4. Shooby
    Sapphire Dabs only!
  5. SamuraiSam
    Trapped in the Lab @emeraldicitycultivation . samhi.si@gmail.com if you need to reach me.
  6. YaMon
    YaMon NewVape710
    Edwyn, I just wanted to say thanks for your post in the FlowerPot thread! -YaMon
  7. Stu
    Eradicating Chinese Spam
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  8. Vitolo
    Vitolo herbalizerrepair
    I hope that the Moderators allow you to post again. You are the last legitimate source for Herbalizer repair and parts. I have saved your website info, and will share it if I am asked.
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  9. Newcastle
    Newcastle stark1
    You crack me up.....Jeeps have not been a threat of rolling sence the CJs....Short wheel base....
  10. macbill
    Party like it's 2049
  11. Stu
    proxima vez
  12. Stu
    Rumo ao hexa!
  13. Abysmal Vapor
    Abysmal Vapor Scripto23
    Hey ! Sorry for stalking ,but just notice you are online :)). How is the boost ultra system project going ??
  14. Shooby
    Sapphire inserts in Quartz Buckets!
  15. stark1
  16. Davinci_vaporizer
    Happy Monday! How was your weekend?
  17. Stu
    Watching the game on DVR so don't fucking tell me the score
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  18. macbill
    My mind has slipped and it can't get up.
  19. Diggy Smalls
    Diggy Smalls
    Bout to hit the elev8r and relax to some music! Notorious DIG!!!
  20. Shooby
    Smokeez Smoke Shop - Santa Ana - Huntington Beach - Newport Beach
  21. Shooby
    Smokeez Smoke Shop
  22. LabPong
    LabPong Sketch420
    Hey,....just read your comments about the new 7 fin Ti tips.

    I happen to have 1 Ti tip i got last summer that I don't use because It holds the heat too long for me. It is almost like between the SS and Ti tip for duration of holding heat.

    If you want to make a trade, let me know. I only used it a couple dozen times if that. Mostly with an induction heater.

  23. delloy
    delloy I.b.vaping
    Im back on the isles now but when Im next in the mainland we will give you a shout. Where are you now he nentiined you were moving. I should gave a few more pieces to show you as well namely a Zion and a Nomad. Cheers bud. Lee
  24. delloy
    delloy I.b.vaping
    Hey Ivan

    Hows it going? Sorry for not being in touch for awhile been busy times. Me an Ozzy were going to pop round a month or so back when I was on the mainland but unfortunately never made it haha.
  25. SavageCore
    Enjoying the sun and lovely butane powered rips on the Flam

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