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  1. Davinci_vaporizer
    Hope everyone is enjoying 2018! Can't believe January is almost over. Anything fun happening ?
  2. Vital
    Vital Pipes
    Does anyone need an AC charger for the original Solo that could not be chargedusing the included power cord?
  3. Smokey McVape
  4. Smokey McVape
    Smokey McVape
    In use - TI Blackwood Omnivap & TI Omnivap XL
  5. Bravesst
    Making Lil' Buds
  6. oddjobold
    oddjobold P.A.M.
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    3. P.A.M.
      No need to apologize . I can remove it if you prefer your message not showing , otherwise all is good! Yes, I saw the price of board, it still give me a starting point and the website sells other parts used in vapes or mods so it definitely helps finding parts names and other knowledge ! Thank yo much! Pardon my lack of knowledge, good luck on your SBS , I'll google what sbs is or does
      Jan 4, 2018
    4. oddjobold
      SBS side by side mod. Gives a more pocket friendly splinter
      Jan 4, 2018
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    5. P.A.M.
      Yeah most definitely, a tad more discrete too
      Jan 4, 2018
  7. NizzyJones
    Typed up a curriculum vapidum under the 'Information' tab.
  8. stark1
  9. Episode666
    Episode666 Zow237
    Hi! About that Solo 2 you have for sale, first would you ship to G8T1K5 (Canada)?

    Your album link is down on imgur, could you show some more pics, I want to see the damage to the rubber seal.

    1. Zow237
      Dec 31, 2017
    2. Zow237
      just lmk either way pls.
      Dec 31, 2017
  10. Dabowski
    Dabowski Ed's TnT
    Hi Ed,

    I have been following the Grasshopper thread and you recently hooked up a user named "c76man with a extension for his performance front end for his grasshopper vape.

    I would like to invest in one of these because my grasshopper hits way to hot and has been retired because of this. I am hoping your extension may give this unit some much needed life :)

    (I was unable to find the PM button)

    Thanks Ed
    1. Ed's TnT
      Ed's TnT
      Hello and thanks for your interest in my work, pls hit me by email at ed@edstnt.com and let's talk more about it pls sir
      Dec 29, 2017
  11. Davinci_vaporizer
    Hope everyone had a great Christmas!
  12. DougBentley
    DougBentley BaroneBarra
    How long did it take for the Tubo to get to you?
  13. cybrguy
    Sleep Deprived
  14. BossBrew
    Writing riffs and papers.
  15. Stu
  16. t-dub
    t-dub oldiebutgoodie
    Enjoy having Chip Kelley as your head coach. We just lost Taggart last night . . . sad . . .
  17. JCharles
  18. VapCap
  19. Milehighguy
    Milehighguy JCat
    I’m really not sure how to communicate on here but if you want to email me my email address maintguy@me.com
  20. Milehighguy
    Milehighguy JCat
    Bro I have a like new black firefly 2 with battery charger and spare battery that I would be willing to trade for your mighty. How old is your mighty
  21. macbill
    I miss the rain and cold and clouds and no sun of WA. This SnowBirding is hard work. Palm Springs can be very dry.
  22. Chicken #420
    Chicken #420
    Gone for good.
  23. NewVape710
    Please send your customer support questions to sales@newvape.com check our instagram @NewVape710 for latest product drops.
  24. NewVape710
  25. macbill
    SnowBirding Soon!

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