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New Profile Posts

  1. stark1
  2. Hjalmark
    Living life like an otter in a clamfield
  3. Hjalmark
    Dankrupt .. please send help
  4. Dynalowrider
    Feeling kinda old today.
  5. vapelvr
    Dnails and EVOs all the way!!
  6. WildChild
    Where Am I?
  7. invertedisdead
  8. Stu
    Higher than covfefe
  9. EVlL 55
    EVlL 55 Stormsend
    Hi Stormsend....
    Can you please tell me if this thing produces thick clouds...or wispy hits?
    I used my mighty at about 385...a little hot.
    Also the airflow...is good??..there were issues.
    Thank you.
    1. Stormsend
      On level 1, I would say it produces some milky hits, I did about 10, and used the turning tool at every other hit, Then I just used it on level 4, and got some nice thick hits. The material combusts at level four. Many very dark brown pieces, I imagine at level 5 which is the max setting, it would be too high. I had no issues with the airflow, it worked great.
      May 30, 2017
  10. C No Ego
    C No Ego Marihuana
    Thanks for the likes! Keep on vaping On! Peace
  11. FreddieFresh
    FreddieFresh Stu
    Hey Stu,

    Is the site being edited right now? FC is a bit clusterfucked on mobile and I can't post any comments or send any private messages so this is my only way to report the issue
  12. grokit
    grokit Max Jitter
    Hi Max, I replied to the profile post you sent me on 5/10 via PM.
  13. Baked-not-fried
    where I should be
  14. m0sh
    Fish Us From The Water
  15. PeteSeattle
    I'd rather be glassblowing than a kids choir photo shoot.
  16. PeteSeattle
  17. PeteSeattle
    Slow ... in ... terrrrrr
  18. Baked-not-fried
    back off the saddle
  19. Stu
    High AF
  20. Smokey
    Detoxing and changing perspective.
  21. VisiblyVaped
    New 710 Life Ozone Enail is a game changer!
  22. PeteSeattle
    Things are looking good for 2 glass projects. Etsy store coming soon.
  23. Dr. Yan-I-Tor
    Dr. Yan-I-Tor pakalolo
    Hey paka, hope this finds you well. I did a search for a thread about the Zion vape and couldn't seem to find a dedicated thread (maybe I missed something). Is there such a thread?
  24. HexNailAva
    Designing a friggin' app! ;)
  25. PeteSeattle
    Glassblowing galore this week.

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