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New Profile Posts

  1. grokit
    grokit Max Jitter
    Hi Max, I replied to the profile post you sent me on 5/10 via PM.
  2. Baked-not-fried
  3. m0sh
    Fish Us From The Water
  4. PeteSeattle
    I'd rather be glassblowing than a kids choir photo shoot.
  5. PeteSeattle
  6. PeteSeattle
    Slow ... in ... terrrrrr
  7. Baked-not-fried
    back off the saddle
  8. Stu
    High AF
  9. Smokey
    Detoxing and changing perspective.
  10. VisiblyVaped
    New 710 Life Ozone Enail is a game changer!
  11. PeteSeattle
    Things are looking good for 2 glass projects. Etsy store coming soon.
  12. Dr. Yan-I-Tor
    Dr. Yan-I-Tor pakalolo
    Hey paka, hope this finds you well. I did a search for a thread about the Zion vape and couldn't seem to find a dedicated thread (maybe I missed something). Is there such a thread?
  13. HexNailAva
    Designing a friggin' app! ;)
  14. PeteSeattle
    Glassblowing galore this week.
  15. JCat
    Love my Grasshopper when it occasionally works!
  16. Melting Pot
    Melting Pot Reflexion
    Piece of shit thief....
  17. PeteSeattle
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  18. PeteSeattle
    Get to hit the glass supply shop this weekend. So many projects coming up!
  19. PeteSeattle
    Working on 2 but similar projects. I guess folks like water adapters!
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  20. ichibaneye
    ichibaneye NimbusVapor
    Do not hesitate one second to do business with Nim! Great communication, prompt service, perfect packaging and even nicer items! Thank you sir and tip oh thee hat to you.
  21. FractaLSD
    FractaLSD BakeBros
    Good to see you guys here, im one of your satisfied customers! Didnt know you were on here :)
    Got my Crafty from you guys, its still doing real well!
  22. HexNailAva
    Glob Mode Testing
  23. C No Ego
    C No Ego
    Structurally speaking
  24. duff
    Simple is always better
  25. A1
    A1 Ojan_at_PAX
    Hello Ojan. I have a question im hoping you can help me out with. Is Cream City Vapes an authorized Pax retailer, and does Pax honer their 10 year warranty on units purchased from them. Thanks in advance for your reply.
    1. Ojan_at_PAX
      Hey! Good question. If you see them on our Store Locator then they're good to go. If not, let me know the store's full address and I can take a closer look for ya.

      Store locator: https://www.paxvapor.com/locate/
      Apr 25, 2017

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