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New Profile Posts

  1. P.A.M.
    This is my Trish Status
  2. WakeAndVape
  3. invertedisdead
    Drowning in cannabinoids
  4. lazylathe
    lazylathe stoneleopard
    Welcome to the forum bro! I ma in Hamilton and my buddy biohacker is about 45 minutes away! Where abouts are you? Maybe we can all hook up and have an epic session?
  5. Dynalowrider
    Dynalowrider Jen
    Welcome to the fold. I'm in the San Antonio area. You are going to love this vape, I do. Doc
    1. Jen likes this.
  6. smokey_da_vape
    Im taking a break, how long? I don't know, but I'll be back eventually.
  7. Yoosh
  8. macbill
    Back in Palm Springs! It's 98 degrees F.!!
  9. smokey_da_vape
    GO FLames GO! 10 in a row!
  10. macbill
    The Journey begins....
  11. macbill
    Hasta entonces, San Jose del Cabo......
  12. VapCap
  13. macbill
    Sadly, my time in Cabo is drawing to a close. There are tears on my pillow…
  14. macbill
    Last week in Mexico. Ay que tristesa me pone!
  15. Dynalowrider
    Dynalowrider stark1
    Sorry I just have to say, that is one Damn Ugly avatar. Oh he's just fake news.
    1. stark1
      FN. Yes, FN.
      Mar 1, 2017
  16. Lithe_vapes
    Lithe vapes are selling now!
  17. vapeppau
    Chilling with the stars
  18. OldOyler
    Will be back between 3/15/17 and 3/28/17.
  19. Gardenerjeff
    Volcano, Solo, Indica, PNP, Elevape, Fenix, VAPCAP and too many others to list and not in that order!
  20. spaceshipbob
    spaceshipbob Ojan_at_PAX
    You rule, they got in touch straight away. Thank you :)

    Hope you're having a fab weekend.
  21. grokit
    grokit fc
    Not very talkative are you?
  22. spaceshipbob
    spaceshipbob Ojan_at_PAX
    Hi Oman,

    I have 2 pax 1s and I was wondering how to go about swapping for pax 2 (or 3) please.

    1. Ojan_at_PAX
      Hey Bob! At the moment we don't have a trade-in offer that involves PAX 3 since it's still super new, but we do have a PAX 1 to PAX 2 trade-in. Our support team can share all of the details on that so I recommend visiting the support form below and sending them a message. Reply back to me with your case # (emailed to you) and I'll bump it up the queue :)

      Support: https://www.paxvapor.com/support-ticket/
      Feb 10, 2017
    2. spaceshipbob
      Awesome, thank you :)
      The number is 00576664
      Feb 10, 2017
    3. Ojan_at_PAX
      Perfect, thanks! I've given the team a heads up so keep an eye out for their email. They're at the end of their day so odds are that you won't see that message until Monday, but keep me updated if I can help with anything else in the meantime.
      Feb 10, 2017
      spaceshipbob likes this.
  23. Mr.Krinkle
    Mr.Krinkle luckey115
    You can send your pax 1 in they recycle it and they'll give you a $100 discount towards the pax 2 if you cant find parts for the 1.
  24. macbill
    I know the way to San Jose (de Los Cabos)
    1. blackstone likes this.
  25. Winegums
    Winegums pakalolo
    How would I go about becoming an Accessory Maker? I'd like to start a thread about my Vapcap stems that I'm creating and want to sell some to other members.

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